4 Bookish Apps to Keep you Organized

Hello everyone! Recently I was wondering what kinds of apps they had out there for book lovers and after some research I downloaded a few. Over the past week I have been testing them out to see how useful they actually are. Here is a review of some of apps I found and their uses.



Uses: Cataloging, General Info, Rating, Notes


Libib is it cataloging app that allows you to create your own libraries and add the books that apply. I am currently using this one to catalog books for my blog. To add a book you simply hit “barcode” then the app accesses your camera and you scan the back of your book. It immediately finds the book and you add it to your library. It also has the option to add a book manually for ARCs or other books that don’t have a barcode.

Once a book is in your library all of the information about the book is readily available, including number of pages, description, and publisher. You can write a review right on the app and/or use the five star rating system. I have included a picture of some of the other options for categorizing your book. I think the clean, white look of this app and basic set-up makes this one very easy to navigate. I definitely recommend this one for some in-depth cataloging.



Uses: Organization, Discounted E-books & Audiobooks


I have to say this is probably my favorite out of all these apps just because the technology is so cool. All you do is take a picture of one of your bookshelves using the app. Shelfie then identifies each book by their spine and catalogs it in your digital library. All you have to do is approve each book as it scans them. It also finds the e-book and audiobook versions at a discounted price that you can buy through the app. Because I’m extremely nosy when it comes to books, I love that you can view and follow other people’s bookshelves in the Shelfie community. This app offers the quickest way to catalog for those with more than one bookshelf that don’t want to take each individual book of the shelf to scan.


iOS only

Uses: Categorizing, General Info, Reading log


I like BooksWing visually as it shows the covers of all your books on shelves. Similar to Libib, you can scan a book in or add it manually. Also, once added it offers the general information on the book and a five star rating system. What is unique to this app is that it allows you to track your reading progress. You start a timer on the app when you begin reading and when you are finished put in the number of pages you read. As you do this it averages your overall reading times so you can read more efficiently. If you need to remember certain parts of the book you can add quotes, take pictures, and write notes all through the app. I often wondered exactly how fast I read, and this app is a great way to find out!

Side note: The third picture is not actually my reading time. That would be amazing though 🙂


iOS only

Uses: Categorizing, General Info, Rating


This app is very similar to BooksWing in terms of the categorizing. The few things unique to this app is that you can add books to a wish list and keep track of personal, professional, and loaned out books. One other thing different is something negative and was enough to make me delete the app. It has limited storage unless you wish to pay for the upgraded version, which I did not wish to do. Otherwise this app has a clean setup and is easy to use.

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