A May Bride

A May BrideA May Bride by Meg Moseley
Series: A Year of Weddings
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Zondervan on April 22, 2014
Pages: 102
Also in this series: The Perfect Arrangement, Love in the Details, To Have and to Hold

Ellie has followed her mom’s rules her entire life. Watching her sister prepare for her wedding, Ellie sees how much of it is actually her mom’s plans and not her sister’s. When her mom crosses the line, Ellie makes a decision that will alter her own wedding dreams and possibly cost her a chance at love.

When I began this story, I didn’t realize it was a novella. I was immediately sucked in with Ellie watching a guerrilla wedding. I had never heard of such a thing! I was immediately charmed by Gray and really like that the author, Meg, didn’t make him a guy with money but no money sense. I liked that he didn’t solve his problems with money. He was well-off, but didn’t flaunt it to the world.

I was immediately sucked in with Ellie watching a guerrilla wedding.

What a mess Ellie’s mom was! I couldn’t even imagine! How awful to shame your kid, no matter how old they are, for fear they’ll make the same mistake you did as a teenager. I understand trying to teach them right from wrong, obviously, but not shaming one to the point of feeling unloved by God for sinning. Goodness, we’d all be in trouble if that were the case, because we are all sinners.

This little novella had me really intrigued!

I was also struck by Gray’s determination to help Ellie see how she was putting her mom first. He pointed out what she was doing and how that looked to him and made him feel. Some guys would just shrug it off and move on, which eventually leads to problems in the marriage. I like that he pushed Ellie to get it resolved before they could move any further!

This little novella had me really intrigued and while I enjoyed the shortness of it, as it made it that much sweeter, this also would have been a good one to put in a longer story and add more details of the mom, sister, and Gray. I really enjoyed this short, sweet romance and definitely recommend it for a light read!

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