Rachel Brand and Melissa Willis founded Straight off the Page in January of 2015. With a passion for fiction and five years of industry experience, they decided to start their own site dedicated to publicising their favourite books, authors and publishers in innovative ways that will help readers find books that they will love. Straight off the Page aims to provide high quality reviews, interesting industry articles, breaking news, insightful interviews, and interactive discussions. Though the site reviews both Christian and general market material, its writers are all Christians and its reviews and articles are written fromĀ a Christian worldview. Straight off the Page‘s desire is to honour God through highlighting novels that are both challenging and enriching for readers, while still providing excellent entertainment.

We hope readers find our site a useful resource for indulging their own love of fiction.

If you have any questions or feedback about the site, we would love to hear from you at info@straightoffthepage.com.