Critical Condition

Critical ConditionCritical Condition by Richard L. Mabry
Genres: Medical, Mystery, Suspense
Published by Thomas Nelson on April 2014
Pages: 332
Also by this author: Miracle Drug


On a night that was supposed to be a relaxing evening spent with colleagues, Shannon finds herself holding a dying man in her arms again, dredging up terrible memories from 10 years prior. And that’s just the beginning….next Shannon faces legal issues with her sister, a health scare with her dad, and a commitment issue with her fiance. Will she learn to turn to God for her strength to help her through this mess?

From beginning to end, this book is a nonstop, intense read.

I found myself so caught up in not just the legal matters, but also in rooting for Shannon to overcome her fears of commitment. “Critical Condition” is the second book by Richard Mabry that I have read, and I can’t wait to read more! He has such a way of describing everything where it seems so real!

I will say, there were a few things that made me stop and think, “Now that would never happen in real life.”

There were a few steps that Shannon took regarding her and her sister’s investigation that I just knew if someone in real life did that, they would be immediately arrested. However, for me, this didn’t take away from the book because the rest of it was just so believable!

One of the questions at the back asked, “Do you think Shannon and/or Megan showed any evidence of such traits (being a Preacher’s kid)?” I must say, when I read that I thought, what, oh yeah, they were weren’t they? Ha! I guess they didn’t have any traits that stuck out to me as a Pastor’s kid. I will say, that I know several Pastor’s kids at my church and have learned from the pastors preaching, they are just kids too. They don’t get special treatment nor do they expect special treatment. Maybe that’s why I didn’t pick up on Shannon and Megan acting a certain way, but I just found it funny that the question really threw me for a loop!

Again, I absolutely loved this book! The intense scenes mixed with Shannon trying to figure out how to move on from her past loss. Richard Mabry did a fantastic job of interweaving those two story lines!

I highly recommend this book if you enjoy a good, edge of your seat, suspense story!

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