Full Disclosure

Full DisclosureFull Disclosure by Dee Henderson
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Published by Bethany House on October 2, 2012
Pages: 473
Also by this author: Taken, Sins of the Past


Paul Falcon is handed a case by Ann Silver. Unexpectedly, Paul is intrigued by this woman. Ann is a cop, and a very well respected, trusted cop. Paul is determined to get to know Ann better, but in order to plan a future with her, he has to go at her pace and earn her trust.

I just want to say, that I was expecting more of a mystery when I began this book, so it threw me off from the very beginning. I was having a really hard time getting through the book. I even went and read others reviews to see what they thought and if I was missing something. Several reviews said to get to the halfway point and it would be better. I trudged through and was at the halfway point, still not really enjoying the book, but by that point, I didn’t want to give up. I had invested all that time to read the beginning, I just kept going. By the end of the book, I was glad I finished.

However, for me, the book was a bit too long with a lot of lulls along the way. And for me, it didn’t really peak my interest until the last third of the book. Once I got there, I had to keep reading.

What I did like about the book, is that it is a story line that I’ve not read before. I kept thinking to myself, this relationship is just weird. Why in the world would you just sit around your house with a video call going on for hours? To me, that was really weird! However, I realized, for them, it was perfect. It was a way to spend time together, interact with each other, just “be” with each other, and share daily life. As the story went on, that connection grew on me and I began to find it very interesting.

Why in the world would you just sit around your house with a video call going on for hours?

While this book didn’t have the typical mystery to it that I normally associate with Dee, it did have a bit of suspense that was an underlying topic throughout the entire book. It didn’t really peak my interest in a “I’ve got to know” kind of way until much later in the book. By the end, I did want to know what in the world was going on and I was not disappointed.

I did want to know what in the world was going on.

I guess my overall thoughts would be, now in retrospect, that it was quite interesting, but needed something a little bit more to really capture my attention. I appreciate the new dynamics to the characters, but would have enjoyed it even more if there was an additional item of suspense or a stronger suspense case along with it. So, if you’re looking for a edge of your seat mystery, this would not be the one. However, if you’re looking for a new way for characters to interact and a completely different type of story line, then this is the book to read!

Also, if you’re planning on reading Taken, Dee’s newest book, this is a great precursor to that story. The story of Paul and Ann and the level of trust that Matthew has with them was a nice connection. Had I not read this book prior to Taken, I may not have fully appreciated that connection and how much it meant to have Paul and Ann on Matthew’s side. It was really neat to know a few of the characters and know why Matthew trusted them so much. Taken is not a sequel, and can most definitely be read alone, but Full Disclosure added a nice depth to the story for me.

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