May In Review

It’s summer already, and if the change of the seasons has surprised you as much as it has us, we totally understand if you missed any of May’s content. Here’s a quick recap to bring you up to date on all of our recent reviews and interviews!



I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh (Contemporary/Crime), reviewed by Melissa

Lead Me Home by Amy Sorrells (Contemporary), reviewed by Beth

The Storm Sister by Lucinda Riley (Contemporary/Historical), reviewed by Carrie

In His Place by Harry C. Griffith (Suspense), reviewed by Shondra

The Aleppo Code by Terry Brennan (Suspense), reviewed by Stephanie

Murder Comes by Mail by Ann H. Gabhart (Cozy Mystery), reviewed by Heather

Stranded at Ransom’s Lodge by J. L. Callison (Action/Adventure), reviewed by Stephanie

Breaking Free by Jennifer Slatterly (Contemporary), reviewed by Carrie

Always With You by Elaine Stock (Contemporary), reviewed by Carrie

The Progeny by Tosca Lee (Historical/Suspense), reviewed by Melissa

Back in the Saddle by Ruth Logan Herne (Contemporary Romance/Western), reviewed by Stephanie

Death Sits Down to Dinner by Tessa Arlen (Historical/Mystery), reviewed by Carrie

More Than a Promise by Ruth Logan Herne (Contemporary), reviewed by Carrie



Carrie talks to Kara Isaacs about her debut novel, Close to You, the inspiration behind the novel, and what she learned through the publishing process.

Michelle interviews Cynthia Ruchti about Song of Silence, the importance of communication in marriage, and some of the music that inspired the novel.

Beth talks to Amy Sorrells about the experiences she drew from when writing Lead Me Home, how to honour simplicity in our faith, and how she deals with writing emotionally draining scenes.

Shondra interviews Harry C. Griffith about the inspiration behind In His Place, why suicide is a taboo topic in Christian culture, and the message he hopes readers take from his book.

Melissa talks to Tosca Lee about The Progeny, her favourite character so far, and her research trip to Croatia.


Upcoming Content

Check back over the next few months for our 2016 summer reading lists, as well as some from our favourite authors!

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