Meet Our Writers–Q&A with Stephanie Smith


Stephanie Smith is a wife, mom, and missionary with a passion for reading and writing.  She spends most of her days homeschooling three of her five children (the other two have graduated from high school already), caring for her home, and ministering alongside her husband.  Together they have a unique ministry of helps, including construction, music, teaching, and generally assisting missionaries and church planters.

When not busy with one of these roles, you will find her playing the piano, reading, or writing.  She enjoys sharing music in the churches where she is serving, and she enjoys sharing her writing about parenting, ministry, and life on her blog,

SOTP: When did you start reviewing, and what is the first book you remember reviewing?

Stephanie: I just started reviewing in order to apply for this position! The first book I reviewed was The Patmos Deception by Davis Bunn. (Although I’ve been secretly reviewing every book I’ve read for years. I just didn’t share my thoughts with anybody else!)

SOTP: Have your reading tastes changed since you started reviewing?

Stephanie: No.

SOTP: What book has surprised you the most in your time reviewing? (Perhaps something you wouldn’t normally have picked up, outside of your comfort genre, etc.)

Stephanie: Well, considering the answers to the above questions…I was surprised when I first read Dee Henderson’s books. I didn’t expect to enjoy the suspense as much as I did. Now I am addicted to those types of novels!

SOTP: What’s the first book you remember reading? (It still counts if someone else read it to you if you were too young to read!)

Stephanie: It’s Not Fair. I don’t remember the author’s name, but I can still quote most of the book to you: “It’s not fair that Martha has long black hair that shines and swings when she moves her head, but mine is curly and tight.” Also Charlotte’s Web was and is one of my favorites!

SOTP: If you’re stuck at home on a sick day, what comfort book can you count on to always cheer you up?

Stephanie: The Bible is always my go-to book for comfort, especially the Psalms.

SOTP: If you could only read one book for the rest of your life (I know, the horror!), which book do you think you could read a hundred times without getting bored of it?

Stephanie: Well, if the Bible isn’t counted, probably Little Women. The characters are so real and relatable, in my opinion.

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