MotherlessMotherless by Erin Healy
Genres: Drama, Speculative, Suspense
Published by Thomas Nelson on October 28, 2014
Pages: 368
Also by this author: Hiding Places


Following a tragic accident, Garrett Becker sees life from a different perspective. For years he has lead his children to believe a lie. Some of his deceptions are lies of omission, but others are pure fabrications. However, the tragic events that began almost 17 years ago have finally reached a breaking point and now Garrett would like nothing more than to confess. Unfortunately, despite his desires to finally tell his children the truth about their mother and the events that led to her death, he is no longer able. With inventive storytelling and an intriguing plot, Motherless is quite possibly Erin’s best book to date.

Wow…this is such a great book! I love it. Each year I look forward to Erin’s next book, knowing that whatever it is, it’ll highlight the beauty that’s in this messy chaotic world. She has a gorgeous voice and a style that sets a mood that’s both unsettling yet comforting. Such is the case with Motherless. At its heart, this is a very tragic story of loss, deception, grief, and suffering. However, as the characters move through the events, there is also comfort as they each find new purpose and understanding through their journey.

Motherless is brilliantly written, combining both a haunting mood and a gripping storyline.

Motherless’ plot is fantastic, but the writing really brings this story to life. With skill and grace, Erin creates a rich environment with deep characters that pull the reader into the story. The melancholy mood enhances the connection with the characters and vibrantly brings the past to life. The scenes transition smoothly with perfect pacing that keeps secrets from being revealed too quickly, but makes no attempt to hide a secret that most will have already discovered. Many times I figured things out at exactly the same time the characters did. This perfect pacing makes for a wonderfully suspenseful story that’s quite difficult to set down.

The inventive storytelling helps the reader really connect to the characters.

Erin has always excelled in crafting characters that feel alive. She uses a tender touch in developing the characters for Motherless and their journey feels natural. Garrett’s son, Dylan, is particularly strong. Each time he was faced with a difficult situation, I held my breath, feeling his internal struggle against panic and the ensuing shame. Marina and Sara are also compelling characters that keep the reader invested in their story and wanting the best, though fearing the worst. These characters are excellent at evoking appropriate emotion at just the right time to keep the story progressing and the pages turning.

This is quite possibly Erin’s best book to date.

I really can’t find anything I would change about Motherless. Erin has written a phenomenal book with a wonderful plot, great characters, excellent themes, and perfect pacing. The mood, the tone, the peaks and valleys of the story flow in a rhythm than makes this a fabulously compelling book. I absolutely loved it!

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