Q&A With Kristan Higgins

Kristan HigginsRachel & Carrie:  Hi Kristan! Thank you so much for answering our questions. We’re massive fans of your books, so this is basically a dream come true for us

Kristan:  Thank you for having me!

Rachel & Carrie:  Besides swooning from the romance, we typically spend a great deal of time giggling and outright guffawing while reading your books. Dare we ask, where do you get your inspiration for such hysterical mishaps and humor (particularly the spectacularly bad blind dates!)?

Kristan:  Well…some of the, er, wardrobe malfunctions and physically embarrassing scenes do come from (cough) personal experience. Let us speak no more of it. The blind dates are pure imagination, and I absolutely adore writing them.

Rachel & Carrie:  Who is your favorite fictional crush? Has he influenced any of the heroes in your books?

Kristan:  That changes like the weather here in New England. Heathcliff before he turned so cruel; Rhett Butler; Bond, James Bond; Robert Downey Jr. (alas, we have a fictional relationship); Atticus Finch (from To Kill a Mockingbird—the only incarnation of AF I’ll accept); Piers from When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James; Mac from the Thunder Point series by Robyn Carr… Sure, they influence my characters in small ways, I guess. Not consciously, but just because they embody characteristics I love.

Rachel & Carrie:  Family and community both factor prominently in your novels, particularly in your Blue Heron series. Sometimes it’s the family members and best friends who steal our hearts before the hero does! Are there any secondary characters you wish you could have spent more time with or established further?

Kristan:  Oh, thank you! I really loved Manningsport and all its folk. I think I would’ve loved to have had John Holland for a stepfather…Prudence, of course, who is basically Unfiltered Me. I loved Abby and Ned, especially when they bickered or when Abby would describe wine. Shoot, now I miss them!

Rachel & Carrie:  Are you a strict planner when it comes to writing? Or do characters and/or romances surprise you from time to time?

Kristan:  Both! I do like to have a solid outline when I start writing, but it takes a good 200 pages before I really know who these people are and why they’re so riddled with angst. It’s always the best when a line appears on my computer screen from the murky depths of my subconscious, and I say, “Oh-ho! So that’s what this book is about!”

Rachel & Carrie:  We recently said goodbye to Blue Heron (wail!). Where are you taking us next?

Kristan:  My next book is set in the same town as IF YOU ONLY KNEW—Cambry-on-Hudson, New York, a lovely little berg perched on the tall shores of the Hudson. After that, we’re going to an island off the coast of Maine. But we might get one more little peek at Blue Heron. No promises…but maybe.

Thanks so much for having me! Great questions! I had a lovely time.

To find out more about Kristan and her books, visit her website or connect with her on FaceBook or Twitter.

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