Revenge In A Cold River

Revenge In A Cold RiverRevenge in a Cold River by Anne Perry
Series: William Monk
Genres: Crime, Historical, Mystery
Published by Ballantine Books on September 6, 2016
Pages: 320


About Revenge in a Cold River (from the back cover):
When Commander Monk of the Thames River Police is called to investigate the drowning of an escaped prisoner, he’s forced to contend with customs officer McNab, who clearly bears a bitter grudge against him. But the reason is a mystery in itself. Monk’s memory loss—a secret he guards closely—leaves him vulnerable to repercussions from his missing past, especially his exploits overseas in the tumultuous Gold Rush days of San Francisco. And now McNab, as icy and unfathomable as the steel-gray Thames itself, appears intent on using whatever damning facts he can find to his advantage to ruin Monk’s future as an officer of the law.

As Monk explores the possibility of a conspiracy, McNab’s game of cat and mouse escalates, with veiled threats and cryptic insinuations. Snared in an unforeseen trap, a desperate Monk must turn to his wife, Hester, and friend and attorney Oliver Rathbone for help, as his life literally hangs in the balance.

With razor-edged suspense and shocking twists and turns, Revenge in a Cold River is Anne Perry at her most intense—and most satisfying.

This year I’ve made a concerted effort to try new to me authors.  When I saw Revenge in a Cold River on NetGalley, I decided that Anne Perry would be my next ‘new’ author.  I loved the description for this book.  It sounded incredibly intriguing.  I enjoy historical settings, but too often the books are romance in nature.  This one sounded like a mystery.  An 1850s crime story to be exact.  And it is!  It’s a wonderful mystery and I loved the setting.  The characters were both interesting and sympathetic.  I’m very excited to discover not only a new author, but also a long running series, with lots of books for me to catch up on.

The current is quite complex and has several moving parts.

As the 22nd book in the William Monk series, Revenge in a Cold River can be read stand alone.  There are parts that I think would be more emotional and intense for the reader had they read prior books.  However, overall Anne does a nice job of keeping the past intriguing without causing the present to be confusing.

The current mystery is quite complex and has several moving parts.  It brings in Monk’s forgotten past and as a new reader of the series, there was little chance I was going to be able to make accurate deductions regarding certain issues.  Perhaps long time readers of the series will catch clues that new readers do not.  Monk’s missing memory made for an interesting feel to the book.  The reader is discovering things about Monk as he discovers them.  His reaction to them helps increase sympathy for his character as well respect for the person he’s become.  It’s an interesting perspective and one I very much enjoyed.

I loved the setting for this book and the mood that Anne creates for the story.

I loved the setting for this book and the mood that Anne creates for the story.  I could easily image the different clothing, the horse drawn carriages, the air of influence and proper etiquette.  It was very immersive environment and helped to bring the story to life.

As previously mentioned, the mystery is quite complex and the different characters intriguing.  There is one part that is revealed disappointingly early, but doesn’t spoil the overall mystery.  However, the portion that is revealed does affect the reader’s reaction to certain characters and keeps certain scenes from feeling completely sincere.  But given the size of the mystery and the numerous players and pieces involved, Anne does a remarkable job of pulling this story together and keeping it entertaining.

I found Revenge in a Cold River to be a fun, historical mystery with great characters and an intriguing plot.

I’m happy to add Anne Perry to my list of authors to read.  I look forward to picking up earlier books in this series, as I suspect many of the minor characters have wonderful backstories that are covered in prior books.  I found Revenge in a Cold River to be a fun, historical mystery with great characters and an intriguing plot. Readers of mystery, crime, and legal dramas will certainly want to give this book a try.

Note:  This is a general market book, but I cannot recall any strong language or sexual content.  There is some violence, but it is not graphic and mostly just referenced.

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