Michelle Black PicMichelle Black understands that books are to be treated with caution, for they contain one of the most dangerous elements on earth. They contain ideas. One of those ideas catapulted her into a three month long mission trip to Ireland, and another provoked her to try creating her own stories. Books, while dangerous, have always fascinated her. This hunger was fed recently as she had the opportunity to travel to the Lilly Library in Bloomington Indiana. There, she handed a cuneiform tablet from the year 4,000 B.C., illuminated manuscripts from the year 1250 A.D., and a Shakespeare first folio from the year 1625 A.D.

When Michelle isn’t shoulder-deep in adjectives and plot points, she works as the social media content writer and event-coordinator for an independent Christian bookstore. There are two things she loves about her job, the first is sharing Christ Jesus with those who walk into the store, and the second thing is introducing readers to books that will challenge them, change them, and fill them with ideas.  

She also maintains a blog of thoughts on writing,  faith, and everything in between at http://scarletinkwell.wordpress.com

Favorite Genres:
Science Fantasy, Mystery, & Historical Fiction

Favorite Authors:
Timothy Zahn, C.S. Lewis, & Elizabeth George Speare

Favorite Books:
The Icarus Hunt by Timothy Zahn, The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis, & The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare