The King

The KingThe King by Steven James
Series: The Bowers Files
Genres: Crime, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
Published by Signet on July 2, 2013
Pages: 513
Also in this series: The Queen, Opening Moves, Checkmate
Also by this author: The Queen, Opening Moves, Checkmate, Fury, Every Crooked Path


Serial killer, Richard Basque spent 13 years in prison thanks to Patrick Bowers. But because of Pat, Basque also walked free. Almost immediately following his release, the killings started again and once again, it’s Pat’s job to track him down. Much like a hound chasing a hare, Pat pursues Basque, but Basque is no scared rabbit. Instead he’s a ruthless, cannibalistic killer that is now bent on revenge and has his sights fixed squarely on those closest to Pat.

Meanwhile, another killer from Patrick’s past resurfaces. Known as Valkyrie, Alexi has been covertly putting together a complex terrorist plot with lethal results. If he succeeds, the revenge Alexi seeks will have deadly consequences for some of societies most vulnerable people. With tense action, brilliant storytelling, and insightful social and spiritual elements, The King is another must read for Patrick Bowers fans.

Here I go again sounding like a broken record, but honestly, it’s hard to find anything wrong with the Patrick Bowers series. I love The King just as much as I love The Knight, The Bishop, The Queen, and Opening Moves. This book is every bit as strong and deserves just as much praise as it’s predecessors, so to a certain degree I’m at a loss as to what new to say. This book is fantastic. This series is fantastic. Steven James is an amazing author. I think I’ve said all those things before, but seriously, this is a great series for those who love gritty, suspense-laden crime novels. So I’ll say it once again, as with the previous books in this series, I love it!

While The King still adheres to the same high-standards set forth by the previous books in this series, it is a bit different.

There really isn’t a mystery—it’s obvious who is guilty and there is no secret that Patrick is chasing Richard Basque. However, for readers who have followed the series, there is still the comfortable and familiar feel of how Pat goes about his job. The King also continues to build upon themes that have been woven throughout the series. James continues to expertly take the reader through Patrick’s internal thoughts and struggles while not overwhelming (or boring) the reader with long-winded, evangelical sections. As always, the integration of themes with fiction continues to be impressive.

James includes a healthy dose of thought-provoking themes and spiritual encouragement.

Pulling largely from Ecclesiastes, Tessa’s storyline and coinciding spiritual elements are beautiful worked into the story. The themes are set up early and built upon as the story progresses. Since Ecclesiastes is one of my favorite books in the Bible, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the words of Solomon sorted through, meditated on, and highlighted throughout this book.

I’m really not sure what else I can say without spoiling major portions of the plot. Just like all the books in this series, The King is excellent. The characters, though now familiar, still feel fresh. The storyline is intense, thrilling, suspenseful, and gritty. The themes are wonderful and filled with insightful contemplations. Simply put, The King is just as awesome as the previous books in this series and one I definitely recommend.

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