Twice Blessed

Twice BlessedTwice Blessed by Barbara Cameron
Genres: Amish, Christmas
Published by Abingdon Press on September 15, 2015
Pages: 288
Also by this author: A Road Unknown, Crossroads


About Her Sister’s Shadow (from the back cover)
Katie and Rosie Stoltzfus work part-time in an Amish store and part-time in Two Peas in a Pod, their own business raising vegetables and fruits and canning them for sale. Although they are identical twins, their personalities are very different: while Katie has always been more outgoing and attractive to boys, Rosie has always felt in her sister’s shadow. It will take an unexpected business opportunity and one very special man to help Rosie see that she’s a unique woman of her own.

About His Brother’s Keeper (from the back cover)
Ever since they were boys, Ben Fisher has trailed after his brother, Mark. Ben has always envied Mark because he’s always been more adventurous, but he’s even more jealous now that Mark is engaged to Rachel, a woman they both love. When a terrible accident on Christmas Eve results in their mistaken identity, Ben suddenly has an opportunity to create the life he’s always wanted. While everyone believes he is his brother, who’s still in a coma, Ben finally has a chance with Rachel. But how can he realize an opportunity for real happiness if it means deceiving his kin?

Barbara Cameron drew from her family and their knowledge of twins’ bonds to write these two short, sweet novellas.

Two sweet novellas just in time for the holidays. In About Her Sister’s Shadow I found it very interesting how the twin sisters were connected and knew when something was wrong with the other one. I’ve often wondered that about twins. And I also found it interesting that Katie was the one who always had boys around, yet they both look the same. How does that happen?

I couldn’t even imagine doing that to my brother!

My favorite one though was About His Brother’s Keeper. I was completely caught up in that story because of the accident and Ben’s desire to have the life he was hoping for. I couldn’t even imagine doing that to my brother! My only negative about the story was that it got a bit confusing at some points because of the switch, but I was so intrigued in wanting to know how the situation would work itself out, that it didn’t take away from the story.

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