Unintended Target

Unintended TargetUnintended Target by D.L. Wood
Series: The Unintended
Genres: Suspense
Published by Clean Captivating Fiction on October 3, 2015
Pages: 270


Unintended Target by D.L. Wood is an interesting tale of questions, mysteries and close encounters.

When Chloe’s brother dies suddenly, he leaves behind a mystery that follows her all the way to the Caribbean. There, she meets charming and resourceful Jack — a man who may be more than he seems. Unaware of who her enemy might be or what it is they want, Chloe ends up framed for murder and hunted down by dangerous men. She is left with no choice but to trust Jack with her very life. As she is faced with yet another tragedy, Chloe must decide if God exists and if He does, if she is willing to trust Him.

After a tragic death, Chloe is trapped in a tangled web of mysteries that follow her all the way to the Caribbean

The tagline “What you don’t know CAN hurt you” sums up this novel quite well. Along with the main characters, the reader is left without all of the facts, trying to learn what is going on. As each chapter answers and asks even more questions, the reader is enticed to continue digging. Unfortunately, I found the novel a little too easy to put down, and not engaging enough to make me want to pick it up at the first opportunity.

With her life on the line, Chloe must decide who she can trust—a charming but dangerous stranger or a heavenly Father she isn’t sure exists.

While the plot was a bit slow, the characters were likable. Jack’s murky past intrigues the reader and Chloe’s genuine innocence makes her more than likable. That said, neither character is fully engaging and I would have loved more depth to both. They seemed like people I would like to get to know better.

Framed for murder, Chloe finds herself at the mercy of a charming but dangerous stranger.

Wood weaves relatable themes of hope, doubt and struggle into the story of an intriguing shadowy conspiracy. However, the inspirational message is somewhat contrived and lacks the depth to make the reader examine their own lives in light of the Truth.

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