Without Warning

Without WarningWithout Warning by Lynette Eason
Series: Elite Guardians
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Published by Revell on August 2, 2016
Pages: 352
Also in this series: Always Watching, Chasing Secrets
Also by this author: No One to Trust, No Place to Hide, Always Watching, Sins of the Past, Chasing Secrets


My “guilty pleasure” reading is probably romantic suspense. I love getting sucked into a story involving crime, mystery, relatable characters, intelligent law enforcement and a bad guy who will inevitably be found out — and if there’s a touch of romance in there it’s all the sweeter.

Without Warning provides a bit of suspenseful escapist pleasure reading this summer

So when I saw Lynette Eason’s Without Warning, book two of the Elite Guardian series, I instantly wanted to give it a try, especially when it became apparent that the usual roles are flipped!

Daniel Matthews, retired special forces, lives a relatively sleepy life running his restaurants and raising his orphaned niece. But when he crosses paths with danger, not once, but twice in a single night with a dead body found hanging in one restaurant basement and an arson attack on another, he realizes that someone may be out for blood.

Katie Singleton, a former arson investigator, is working as a bodyguard with a handful of other exceptionally talented women known as Elite Guardians. When she gets pulled into Daniel’s life, she is forced to confront her own reasons for leaving arson investigating while also working to keep Daniel alive.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel. The characters were friendly and likable, though not perfect. I especially loved watching the relationship between Daniel and his niece, Riley. It did feel as though the reader is expected to know some of the characters, specifically the other Elite Guardians, which I assume is a result of this being the second in a series. I found it odd that some characters were never really introduced, but referred to as though you knew them already, but this mostly pertains to secondary characters.

Themes of overcoming fear, facing our pasts and moving forward with our futures are woven throughout the story.

The plot is a bit unbelievable, but really, what suspense story isn’t these days? Go into the novel with a basic willing suspension of disbelief and you might just get sucked into the story. I will admit that the “whodunnit” wasn’t very difficult to guess…

A quick, enjoyable if unbelievable read

Themes of overcoming fear, facing our pasts and moving forward with our futures are woven throughout the story and apparent in multiple characters in different ways.

A quick read, I would recommend this for a bit of suspenseful escapist pleasure this summer.

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